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The Secret of Earning Holy Money

Posted by Peter Labradores | Sept. 5, 2015, 4:21 p.m.

Is Being Rich Really BAD?

Is having a lot of money really that bad? Well, to answer that question, let’s first take a look on the different kinds of riches taught to me by one of my favorite speakers, Bro. Bo Sanchez.

Three Kinds of Riches

He said that there are three kinds of riches during one of his talks about Happy, Healthy, Holy Money.

Filthy Rich

When I say filthy rich, I mean the people who are so consumed by greed that they will do any means necessary to become rich. They have lots and lots of money, but are not happy and not generous. One example of this is Smeagle/Gollum from the movie The Lord of The Rings. He was good a first until he found the ring of power and it consumed him to the point of killing his friend and secluding himself so that no one will be able to take the ring from him.

Guilty Rich

These are people who are not comfortable with earning lots of money. They think that money is bad and that getting a lot of money is greedy and evil. Even the word “money” in a sentence can make them feel uncomfortable. I belonged to this category once. In a way, it’s not their fault. It’s because of their upbringing which causes them to feel this way.

An example is the man/woman who is now earning twice or three times the salary he/she once had but they are so worried and unhappy. When asked further as to their unhappiness, it was found out that when they were young, they heard it from their parents or from some other person with authority that money is bad and that having a lot of it is just greedy. This made them feel uncomfortable of having that kind of salary.

Truly Rich

These people are what truly make the world go round. They are neither greedy nor uncomfortable with money. These people use their richness and their money to love and serve the people around them. They know that one of the real goals of having money, aside from buying things, is to serve others. If you serve others, they will be happy and it will fill you with happiness as well knowing that you've helped someone and touched their lives and make it better.

In order for someone to become truly rich, they have to be rich inside and out.
My Truth About Money

Money is only neutral. It is a magnificent magnifier. It magnifies what’s within us. Hence, when a person is selfish and cruel, money will magnify his being selfish and cruel. On the other hand, if a person is generous, selfless, and loving, money will magnify his being generous, selfless and loving nature.

Money is not bad, after all. It all depends upon the person who’s handling it.

But, some would argue with me that, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Yes, it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness and I agree with that. But, it doesn't mean that you don’t need money. You need it to buy food, shelter, clothing, education and many other things that can make other people happy. For me, money is meant for service.

To end this article, a quick summary of what I've written. Money is neither good nor bad. It is neutral and a great magnifier of what’s within us. It enables you to become helpful, and in the process of being helpful, you become more kind, loving, generous and happy.

Friends, I encourage you to become truly rich in the inside and on the outside. To embrace God's abundance, and let Him govern every area of your lives. So get rich, the awesome way! Earn for yourself, for your loved ones, and serve others.

Create a great day always! God bless!

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